*SLADESTAR* crates – bigpack full mesh – 36 different crates

crates, crates and more crates 🙂

here you can buy a crates bigpack.

SE023-schild-crate bigpack

i created 6 different fullmesh crates, each one you get with 6 different textures – it means, that you get 36 different crates.

each crate needs between 0.5 and 0.7 LandImpact – and counts as 1 prim. Link them together to save prims, a complete set of 6 crates only need 3 prims within a link-set.

you can modify the crates to change size and they are full copy to get as much crates as you need.

have fun with them,


Until new Shop is born, please use: Marketplace


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