* SLADESTAR * watcher and evil eye

horrible. it looks at me. all the time 😉

Get the watcher ! It is an eye which rotates to look and follow your visitors. It has flexi nerve cords.

Additional the eye works as visitor-counter and it’s menu driven – enable or disable the counter, get the number or names of your visitors, change range from 10 to 90meters.

In this package you get a “normal” version and an evil eye (complete red), too.

SE016-schild-watcher and evil eye

All items are modify (scripts not) & copyable – make your changes or rezz as much as you need.

If you have problems with it, or need some help by using, let me know.

Have fun with it,


If wanted, please get it here: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/watcher-and-evil-eye-with-visitor-counter-SLADESTAR/7219871


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