Semiramis @ SLDesigner REMIX

Are you ready for the next step in SL Home, Interiour & Garden evolution?

a new re-mixed Home, Interiour & Garden Shopping sim experience!

Welcome To The Designer Remix Experience A New Way To Shop, home builders are mixing it it up with furniture, decor, and garden designers to create a unique and engaging shopping experience !

Have you ever wandered into a prefab and wondered how you would decorate it, what would fit where, or wondered how others would go about decorating it.  Well, that’s exactly what we have done here at the Remix sims.  10 prefab designers have rezzed their new or debut homes and 10 furniture designers have added their own individual flair and decorated with their own furniture and 4 garden designers at the plots around. In addition we also have 10 artist who have sprinkled their art on the walls of each home. Take a look around, feel free to explore and be inspired.  There are LM’s and information found on each site.

You can find us inworld @

you are welcome,

margerita Oh


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