New Fashion Group

We have launched a new Creative Sellers Group for Fashion&More.

For Designer:
All designer of Fashion, Accessories and Avatar related items are invited to present their newest products, freebies, hunt items, sales…
As we want to increase the number of  members, the first 100 designers become members for free!
(then we will take once a small fee of 500 L$).
You are allowed to send notices twice a week (or if its urgent, also a third time – be sure that we will not penalise you for that :))

For Fashion Lovers:
Joining the group is of course free 🙂
You will get regularly the newest information about new releases, freebies, sales etc… of the best designers in Second Life.
You will get information about the events of the Creative Sellers (e.g. Hunts)

If you want to become member, please contact Viviane Hobble.

You can find here a group joiner

Notice: As we just launched the group we have ouf course not a great number of members so far. But we are sure that our so far well-known Creative Sellers Group will attract in short time lots of interested designer and fashion lovers. We would really appreciate your membership 🙂

We are planning a blog… be curious 🙂

For any further information, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Warmest greetings,
Viviane Hobble


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