Black & White Hunt


Shop 17 has closed. Please continue with Shop 18

Shop 47 has been dropped

Shop 49 – Shop has gone – here is the LM to shop 50

Shop 50 has placed another gift in the hunt item. Go and grab it again 🙂

Shop 51 has closed. Please continue with shop 52

Shop 58 has closed. Please continue with Shop 59

Shop 80 – LM has changed

You look for black and white chess pieces.

Some shops have hints – Look for the purple “?”
Join the “Creative Sellers Events & Hunts”-group for tips and information about the hunt. groupchat is allowed. Find the group invitation near the Hunt posters.

Participating Shops:

Starting Location:

K2K United Enterprises

Some further Starting Locations:

Tasha Designs (Notice: New LM This shop has moved)

Twine Designs

Asteria Creations (Notice: New LM This shop has moved)


;;; CERO STYLE ;;;

::LiQuiD SuGaR::


!Right Fashion Mainstore

.:: Adoring Charms::.

.::BBear & LilThing Creations::.

.:LoLa:. creations



*~* RnB Designs Furniture *~*


*Finishing Touches*

*Intimate You*

*ShoKho’s Design*



::~* L I X  *~::

<< PURE >>

69P!nk Inc

Agnes Pexington / Blackwidow Fallen





Cay Crystal Design

CC Decor

Coull Creations

Creative Sellers Outlet

Dakota Touch

Deadly Moon Of Love

DeLiGhT DeZiGnS (Shop has moved – No 68)

Design 360


ECCENTRIC by Soffio Tairov

Elemental Earth Designs


EZ Stores 7 The Lost yard RP Area

Fabienne Bolissima Couture

Fallen Angel Mood

Fashion Evolution

Furniture by Design

Fuzion Fashions

Gaea Designs

Garden of dreams


GuTi Pflanzen

harmless INK

Hot Brands

Icarus Home and Media

Incendia Campfires & Caves

JPC –  Jhary Priestly Creations

Kristina Simon

Les sucreries de fairy

Lillou’s Designs

Lookatme Designs

LoveBird’s Paradise


M&E ! Design

made by margerita oh


Mystic Hope / Mystic Paradise

ND/MD Skins & Shapes

Phoebe ~Piercings & more~

Pink Wolf

PRIME Furniture



Reichlich Weiblich




Santiago de Compostella

Saris Creation’s

Savage Orange


Shadow Moon

SLC Mainstore

Star*Crossed Weddings and Event Planning

The Grungey Hole




Virus Collection

Viviane Fashion

Viviane Fashion Outlet Store



Wicked Beauty Light Shows

Womens Dreamy Bodyshop

Xclusives Animations

Zaro Emporium

There are some adult sims taking part. We include in the sim before them also the LM for the next non-adult-shop.


11 thoughts on “Black & White Hunt

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    • I’m forced to agree, it was rather disorganized. This is why I usually will avoid hunts with no LM list – #6 was down and hadn’t come back up after 10 mins. I tried asking in the group with no reply. Five stores in and the hunt is broken. Not good.

      • That is not correct… No 6 is not broken, I have just taken a look. Sometimes SL takes more than 10 minutes to rezz, perhaps you are to impatient. Its not the fault of a hunt organisation if there are technical SL problems.
        The other shops which have left the hunt are all mentioned here on the blog.
        We have got lots of positve feedback for the good organisation of our hunt.

        I don’t know, which time you have ask in the group, but I tried to answer to all questions, which came up in the group. Unfortunately I’m German, and so I have to sleep just in that time, when most SL residents are online. You always feel free to send me a notecard with questions, I will answer asap.

        We have a reason, why we don’t make a LM list. The idea of a hunt is to search the next lm in a shop (and not only to grab the lms you like), to give smaller and new shops an opportunity to present their items and to show their handcraft. In our hunts all kinds of shops are welcome, not only big and already well-known shops.
        All participating shops spend a lot of time to make a gift for you – thats means money and time expenses for them. So Its really ignorant to visit only the stores, you already know.
        These are the reasons, why a LM List would not be fair for new and small shops.
        If you don’t want to spent time for hunt, but only want to grab the items like a cadger, don’t make hunts.

  5. @Viviane:

    You’re a bit defensive. If you’re only looking for positive comments, perhaps this isn’t for you. I’ve done a lot of hunts and was simply giving my opinion on this one. Sometimes hunt organizers are actually interested in feedback and what they can do to improve.

    You misunderstand – No 6 had nothing at all to do with slow rezzing or impatience. I understand rezzing speed, I’m not a total noob at this. It had to do with it being completely unreachable for over 10 minutes before I quit trying. The map view showed no one in the sim, and I could not reach it by TP. I’m also not saying that SL problems are the fault of the hunt, just that if all hunt organizers are sleeping at that given time, it breaks the hunt if there’s not an LM list.

    I’m not going to debate the “idea” of a hunt.. that had nothing whatsoever to do with my original post. I’m saying there are times when a store has to be skipped, either for personal reasons (perhaps someone is banned from a store), or reasons to do with “technical SL problems”, as you yourself put it. I understand sleep, but again, you yourself said you’re asleep when most SL residents are online. Perhaps it would be a good idea to have a contact that’s online opposite you, or make preparations best as possible so that the hunt is not broken for hunters when no one is online.

    I have no problems going to newer, smaller shops. That’s one of the reasons I do hunts! I spend a *lot* in SL, and am always on the lookout for new shops. Again, you’re putting your own spin on my words. I never said *anything* about picking and choosing stores.

    The last sentence I won’t even deign to respond to as it shows poor public relations, is insulting, and has absolutely zero to do with the original post. I simply mentioned that number 6 had technical difficulties and was unreachable. With no LM list and no one online, this breaks the hunt. Is this fair to the other stores down the line, as you seem very concerned by this? I’m just the one that said something, how many others hit the very same thing this time or other times and just silently drifted away?

  6. – For the reason that shops are temporarely not available, we have some more starting points. You can continue at another shop and come back later, when the technical problem is dissolved. I’m sure you haven’t overseen that, when you read the blog.

    – Perhaps, YOU go to smaller and unknown shops, but MOST of the hunters don’t do that. And as you are not a total noob – as you say – you know how to use the inworld search, so it’s very easy to get the LMs, as all participating shops are listed and usually they all take part with their mainstores.

    As we have got lots of positive feedbacks, that our hunt has – in comparison with other hunts – no broken LMs and was organized better than most hunts, we’ll not change our kind of organisation for the next hunts. I still not have enough arguments to publish an LM list – perhaps some more starting points, but not a complete list.

  7. Many hunts *do* publish LM lists. Plus, I have to say..I prefer not to be forced to go anywhere. There are some shops I’ve been to before, but don’t particularly care for. Nothing wrong with them, but perhaps the clothes are just not my particular style. Perhaps I don’t have a house, so I have no real need of furniture…the list goes on. So I usually skip hunts with no list.. hmmm… now I’ve skipped *all* the stores, instead of just one or two. Now if I were a merchant in the hunt (and I’m not saying I’m not), which would I prefer….hmmmm..

    Anyways, I have hunts to do. I don’t have the time or inclination to debate you any further. I attempted to render some constructive criticism, and was rather harshly rebuffed. Hope you don’t do that with everyone.. especially if you’re a merchant. You have a nice time and I wish you the best of luck.

  8. I can’t understand this claims awareness of some hunters. Remember: a hunt means, that shop owners work for you. They are creative, spend a lots of time and they give a gift to you. And i am sure, every shopowner likes his stuff and he is doing his very best.
    The only thing the hunters must do: search it and accept the rules. And “search” means: you have to look for it. You can not expect, that we serve the gifts on a silver plate to you. I think that is not too much for getting many faboulous gifts.

    And now… after our Black&White hunt is over, i like to say a big “thank you” to all shop-owners, hunters, bloggers… to help, that this was a wonderful hunt again.

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